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hello there, i'm new here... i'm a big carpenter fan, my first exposure to him being through "halloween" and "big trouble in little china" when i was just a wee tyke. underrated director, someone needs to get him working again! i nearly cried when the rumors of "escape from earth" turned out to be b.s., although i've read some unsubstantiated rumors on message boards of him possibly directing the "metal gear" film adaptation, which is a bit of a long shot i would say, but it would be unbelievably awesome if it were indeed true.

anyway, i'm glad there's a community dedicated to the man, and in his honor, i'd like to post this picture a friend of mine recently showed me. it's not the best photoshop job in the world, but i got a kick out of it, regardless!

let me know if i need to put this behind a cut, i figured it might be okay since it's not too big, but if it's against the rules, i'll happily oblige!
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