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The 13th Apostle

Late last year a film project came rolling out called The 13th Apostle with John Carpenter's name attached to it as director from the very beginning. Though he told Fangoria back in October that the film was on hold, it seems some movement has been made recently that may mean the movie is about to become a reality.

A reader named simply "Tump" dropped us a line with the heads-up that over on the German site Blair, news just came in that Concorde Films has picked up the rights to The 13th Apostle for the country, a good sign that the project still has some life left in it. The site for Inferno Distribution, who was originally announced as distributors for the project, still has it listed as "in development" as well, and a recent bit in Variety announcing the film version of the manga Wicked City makes mention that Stallion Films, attached as one of the production companies on both, is still working on it too.

While none of this is solid proof of the film actually happening, it does point to potential good news regarding Carpenter getting behind the camera again for his first feature since Ghosts of Mars. As you may remember, Carpenter’s set to direct his next Masters of Horror episode, "Pro Life", within the next few weeks, working from a script by "Cigarette Burns" writers Scott Swan and Drew McWeeny. Click here to read the official synopsis for the episode.


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